Gulets For Sale

We appreciate our clients who invested their trust in us whether buying or selling a gulet with us, since we always keep our promises and we are devoted to protect their interest. working the whole seasons helping and serving our clients whether fixing a damage, refitting, buying or selling their gulets for sale or Luxury Gulet for sale.

Hundreds of successful sales of gulets which are built in Turkey were transferred by our organization to Spain, Italy, Dubai, France, Thailand , Bahamas and other countries in which blue waters industry is well taken care of. we provide gulet delivery services along with the highly professional gulet crew who are chosen according to their experience and competency. gulets for sale

Our long expertise in this field will certa inly save you time and money, Feel free to contact us via email or via your mobile phone which is something for your own benefit, so that our agents can help you locate your gulets for sale which is suitable in size and price to your budget. gulet for sale

Some gulets take one year building and others more than this. This depends on the size of the gulet for sale. In fact, we delivered gulets of 24m within10 months only!! The bigger your gulet for sale is, the longer time she will take. Some gulets can reach up to 57m long. In fact, there are some reasons that could make you consider gulets for sale in Turkey.