Blue Cruise Gulet

Can charter for small parties of three couples for example. Other gulets which are of bigger sizes can seat up to eighteen couples maximum. All our yachts are fully crewed blue cruise gulet charter. The crew usually consists of the captain, chef, two deckhands, a stewardess or stewardesses depending on the size of the gulet charter in Turkey.

If you are interested in having one-week blue cruise or more, you can count on us and book your own gulet in the time you want but let us know this in advance, maybe three months earlier than the time you want to charter because a lot of people are seeking for having nice blue cruis gulet rental especially in the period from mid April up to the end of October. Anyways, it is better to take into your consideration that April, May, and October are low season. June and September are mid season, and July and August are high season. blue cruise gulet charter Turkey.